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Steady State Fate Autodyne Compressor
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Autodyne, from SSF, is a one-knob compression module perfect for gluing your patch together into a more cohesive mix. Autodyne's compression knob rolls a normal compressor's ratio and threshold controls into a simple one-knob solution called "compress." Extreme compression is achieved by orienting the knob to the right, and a gentler more typical style of compression is found towards the left. This provides easy access to new and interesting effects through the strategic overuse of compression.

The module also features a blend knob—a dry/wet control for the compressor. This unlocks "New York-Style" parallel compression and is particularly useful for gluing multiple drum sounds together. Additionally, Autodyne also has an input for sidechaining that features a filter on the input. The filter has 3 fixed frequency positions: 330Hz, 150Hz, and 80Hz. This makes Autodyne particularly useful for sidechaining higher sounds to bassy sounds, providing a perfect opportunity to pump up those 808 kicks during your next modular techno set!

  • One-knob compressor
  • Blend knob unlocks parallel compression
  • Sidechain input
  • Sidechaining filter with 3 fixed frequency responses

Technical Specifications

  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 4hp
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current draw: Current draw: 85mA @ +12v, 90mA @ -12v

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