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Time Effects Processor with 3 Independent Effects
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Old School 80's Effects

Invoke your nostalgia. The Hypnosis from Dreadbox is a powerful effects processor. It features three effects which have loads of depth. The three-tank spring reverb sounds huge and features a unique pitch modulation circuit. This gives the reverb a very cool feeling and helps the Hypnosis stand out from the crowd. The analogue chorus/flange effect can add new flavour to your leads and chords, from a slow modulation to very quick rates. The chorus and flange can completely change a sound offering a unique asset for your tracks. And of course, the excellent digital delay is lush and give your tracks significant width. Perfect for pulsing basses and vibrant chords. The sound design possibilities are as huge as Hypnosis' expansive reverbs.

Retro Design

Of course, the effects are the star of the show. However, in order to solidify its use as an 80's emulation machine, the Hypnosis features a great looking housing. The visible spring is illuminated in a hot pink and the aqua on pink user interface paint job looks incredible on top of a night sky backdrop. The visuals work wonders for inspiring your music, giving you an aesthetic reference point for your retro-style beats and soundscapes.


  • Great looking retro housing
  • Three separate time based effects processors
    • Analog Spring Reverb with a 3-Spring Tank and a Unique Pitch Modulation Circuit
    • Stereo Analog BBD Chorus-Flanger with 3 LFO Waves
    • Stereo Digital Delay with 3 Delay Types and Freeze Function
  • Variable Input and Output Gain Controls (from MIC to Eurorack Levels)
  • 49 storage locations for your favourite patches
  • Stereo I/O

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