Heritage Audio MCM-32 Analog 32-Channel Summing Mixer

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The Heritage Audio MCM-32 is an analog 32-channel summing mixer designed to provide high-quality passive line level signal summing and coloration for mixing engineers in home, project, and commercial studios. It sums up to 32 channel inputs sourced from DB25 connectors to a stereo master output where gain restoration is performed by a Class-A, 1073-style microphone preamp with four transformers.

Each bank of eight inputs is fed to a stereo subgroup and then to the main stereo out. Insert sends and returns are present for each input channel and subgroup via DB25 connectors and for the stereo master bus via XLR jacks. Each channel offers level and pan controls, mute, and insert return selection. The stereo master and each stereo subgroup offers level, mute, and insert functionality.

Dedicated XLR 3-pin mix and monitor output jacks enable simultaneous connection to a mixdown recorder and monitoring system. Easily keep an eye on your stereo bus levels via stereo VU meters.

32 channel inputs via DB25 connectors
Balanced inserts for all input channels, eight subgroups (four stereo pairs), and stereo master bus
DB25 channel and subgroup inserts
XLR master inserts
Dedicated XLR 3-pin mix and monitor outputs
Per-channel volume and pan knobs
Per-channel mute and insert return switches
Volume control, mute switch, and insert return selector for each stereo subgroup and stereo master
Stereo VU meters calibrated for 0 VU = +8 dBu
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Manufacturer Heritage Audio
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