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ISOVOX 2 Midnight Portable Vocal Isolation Booth
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The black ISOVOX 2 Midnight from ISOVOX is a portable vocal isolation booth designed for vocal recording with reduced room reflections and bleed for vocalists, voice-over artists, and narrators in commercial facilities, personal studios, homes, hotels, and tour buses. It allows you to produce vocals with less leakage by providing up to 35 dB of sound reduction.

Zippers and touch fasteners enable simple assembly and disassembly, so you can easily move the ISOVOX 2 Midnight to other locations. Removable side panels allow access to your microphone and an open view for shooting photos and video of the artist. An integrated microphone holder fits most studio mics, and a pre-cut cable channel prevents cable strain. Illumination is provided via the supplied LED lamp with AAA batteries. The assembled ISOVOX 2 Midnight mounts on a standard PA loudspeaker stand (available separately).

Reduces room reflections and bleed to allow recordings with less noise
Record and practice vocals with less leakage
Up to 35 dB of sound reduction
Removable side panels
Mounts on standard PA loudspeaker stand
Integrated microphone holder fits most studio microphones
Fits many pop filters
Convenient cable channel enables clean cable runs without cable strain
Easy assembly/disassembly using zippers and touch fasteners
Includes LED lamp and AAA batteries

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