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Desktop Speaker Volume Controller with XLR Connectivity
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LEVEL PILOT is a stylish, high-resolution volume solution that fits into any active speaker setup quickly and easily and with a minimum of clutter and wires. This results in convenient and high-precision control over your levels where you would ideally want it: right at your fingertips.

Whether you are a passionate hobbyist recording in your bedroom, a musician with a small home studio setup or working at a pro recording facility, LEVEL PILOT makes sure the volume is always exactly where you need it, when you need it.

LEVEL PILOT is a high quality, analog, stereo volume control that works independently of the computer or audio interface, so no matter what happens during tracking or mixing, you now have complete control over your levels in all situations and at all times.

It features a solid and compact 'slip-free' design that fits into any active recording- or live setup without the need for an extra power supply, and employs quad-core cabling to minimize clutter. Its sturdy and luxurious aluminum design makes it bold enough to remain within sight and reachable at all times, and it fits practically and beautifully into any music creation- and editing setup, simplifying and enhancing your workflow wherever it may take you.

With any Digital to Analog recording setup it is important to keep the resolution as high as possible at all times throughout the digital signal chain. Digitally controlling the levels prior to the last Digital to Analog conversion - a common practice used by most audio interfaces, digital mixers and digital audio devices - reduces the resolution of the conversion, thus degrading the final signal quality. LEVEL PILOT's smart design steers clear of this by allowing you to control the volume levels after the conversion, ensuring maximum resolution without ever sacrificing audio quality.

An elegant, convenient and great sounding solution, enabling total control over your monitor levels with minimum fuss and cost.


   •  High resolution computer-independent analog level control
•  Power free - No power-supply required
   •  Smooth ergonomic feel
   •  'Tight grip' rubberized bottom plate
   •  Fully balanced XLR connectivity
   •  Compact design for easy placement
   •  Quad core fully balanced extension cable to avoid messy cabling on your desk

Technical Specifications


Fully balanced quad-core cable


2x Female / 2x Male XLR


Bourns stereo, fully balanced

Power requirements:


Bottom surface:

Rubberized 'slip free'


Off - 0dB damping


Top W: 45mm, Bottom W: 60mm, H: 50mm


Sandblast Aluminum

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