Soma Laboratory Lyra 8 Organismic Drone Synth Black

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The Lyra-8 is a performance-oriented, fully analog drone synthesizer with very organic sound. The instrument features eight oscillators, which can be used separately or stacked to FM voices. For further sound design, there are the Hyper LFO, a superbly sounding Mod Delay and a beefy distortion circuit. Thanks to touch surfaces, the Lyra-8 can be played expressively. – A unique, very inspiring musical instrument.

Black version of the Lyra-8.

The SOMA Laboratory Lyra-8 Organismic Synthesizer is a self-contained synth designed for soundscapes, drones and FM experimentation. Using the eight metal touch sensors, which respond to the amount of covered surface area,  the Lyra-8 allows expressivre playing.  

Two envelope modes with slow or fast response enable different dynamic behaviours.

Thanks to deep FM routing capabilities, it is possible to create dense, modulated sounds. The Hyper LFO provides a complex modulation source.

Additionally the synth features a lo-fi dual delay and a distortion section.


  • Eight-voice analog synthesizer ideal for drones, noise, ambience, and more
  • Eight touch sensor keys for expressive, dynamic performance
  • Eight tunable oscillators (one per key)
  • Complex waveshaping and FM opportunities for rich sounds
  • Eight vibrato generators onboard (one for each voice)
  • Customizable envelope response (fast or slow)
  • "Hold" option for droning oscillators
  • Hyper LFO complex modulation source
  • Dual lo-fi delay
  • Built-in distortion and feedback options
  • CV inputs for voice pitch, delay time, and "hold" gate
  • Can process external sounds through effects section
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