Boss Bow Two Switch + Signal Router

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The Boss Bow Two from ALM Busy Circuits is an eight-way bidirectional voltage controlled switch that can act as a complex signal router with three modes. A bidirectional switch can be used to send one input to multiple outputs, or send multiple inputs to one output.

Boss Bow Two's behavior is determined by the current mode selection: step, address, and strobe. Step mode sequentially steps through the stages when the module receives a clock input. Address mode allows voltage control over the I/O selection, great for use with envelopes, LFOs, random voltages, and more. The selected I/O stage is determined by the bipolar CV input with attenuverter and the offset control. Strobe mode combines both modes, using the CV input and offset to select which I/O stage is active, but only changing when it receives a clock input, similar to a sample and hold. In strobe and step modes, the reset input causes the selection to return to the first I/O stage. In address mode, it behaves as an on/off switch.

The Boss Bow Two accepts audio, CV, or gate signals and can route in either direction, making it a powerful routing tool in whatever patch it is placed in. Combine and select between CV signals for complex modulation, route gate signals for evolving rhythmic patterns, or move between droning audio sources for glitchy stepped changes.

  • Bidirectional voltage controlled switch
  • Eight inputs and one output or one input and eight outputs
  • Select active stage with CV or clock signals or combination sample and hold style selection
  • Accepts audio, CV, and gate signals
  • Reset sets active stage back to the first stage or acts as an on/off input
  • Extend the length of sequences by combining multiple sequences and selecting between them
  • Accepts audio rate signals in CV and clock inputs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 38mm
  • Current draw: 40mA @ +12V, 10mA @ -12V
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