Animals Pedals MAJOR-OVERDRIVE Overdrive Pedal Designed by Skreddy Pedals

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Animals Pedal Major Overdrive is an overdrive that creates the sound of the amp that produced the legendary rock tone.

Major Overdrive has integrated a true bypass foot switch and runs on a 9V battery or a standard center minus DC9V adapter.

When using a battery, remove the plug from the input jack when storing it to prevent the battery from draining. When not using it for a prolonged period of time, remove the battery prior to storage.

Animals Pedal × Skreddy Pedals

This pedal sticks exclusively to the fine points. The vintage tone produced by Marc Ahlfs of Skreddy Pedals has continued to make an emotional sound that players around the world crave as once they’ve gotten a taste it is unforgettable.
The effect of Skreddy Pedals, which creates these overwhelming sounds was also known for making luxurious vintage parts and rare parts sparing nothing. For that reason it was impossible for them to make many of them.

We want to bring the highest quality sound that everyone recognizes to more people.
At Animals Pedal, in order to realize this, a pedal was released under the supervision and design of the builder Marc Ahlfs.
By putting the Skreddy Pedals name on it, which is already legendary, there needs to be no compromising with the sound. We were uneasy at first about the possibility of being able to create a Skreddy Pedals sound with normal parts.

But the moment we first heard the sound of the finished pedal, all doubt disappeared. The product carefully designed in detail by Marc Ahlfs was overwhelming in its production of the highest quality sound. It was completely a Skreddy Pedals sound. Even without using any vintage or rare parts they were really able to produce the ultimate sound.

This collaboration between Animal Pedal and Skreddy Pedals has shown us new possibilities in the effect pedal world.

Overdrive type (for guitars)

Center minus 9V adapter

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