Avantone Pro Planar Reference-Grade Open-Back Headphones (Black)

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Designed for discerning professionals and audiophiles alike, the Avantone Pro Planar Headphones utilize planar magnetic drivers with neodymium magnets to deliver both a stellar accurate sound and comfort for long listening sessions. These particular over-ear, open-back headphones are styled in a black finish. They are meant for mix engineers, musicians, and hi-fi enthusiasts.

Planar magnetic drivers offer accuracy, clarity, and a fast transient response. They also deliver a natural-sounding bass and resounding high end. Where moving-coil driver designs use a magnetic field to push and pull a driver around, planar magnetic headphones utilize a precise array of miniature magnets to provide an evenly distributed, symmetric force to both sides of the diaphragm. This produces a signal with very little harmonic distortion as well as incredibly fast response times and an incredibly natural sound.

Yes, these headphones are a bit larger than what you'd commonly expect, but they are weighted for comfort, and they are outfitted with soft earpads, bolstering long listening sessions. A removable 3.5mm cable is included, and it could be plugged into either side of the headphone. As well as a 1/4" adapter, the headphones include a shoulder bag, which has a pouch for the included cable.

  • High-definition planar driver technology outperforms typical dynamic headphone designs, providing an uncompromised, natural sound
  • Low distortion, fast response, and flat frequency response for more precision and accuracy when monitoring and mixing
  • Over-the-ear, open-back headphones with a lightweight design for greater comfort when wearing for longer periods of time
  • Low impedance and amplifier requirements for better use with recording interfaces, hi-fi systems, or mobile devices
  • Wide frequency response from 30 Hz to 30 kHz
  • High-grade, removable 3.5mm cable that can be plugged into either side
  • Includes lightweight eco-friendly carrying bag
  • Optional replacement cable and earpads available
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