Befaco VC ADSR DIY Kit

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The VC ADSR is our take on the classic ADSR: now smaller, more powerful and user friendly.

The circuit is based in a dual transistor “Current Mirror” (a voltage controlled integrator) and switching logic


  • This compact unit features voltage control for each stage with manual faders to improve usability, feel and aesthetics.
  • A unique feature of the VC ADSR is the gate outputs for each stage of the envelope offering an extra level of control over your patch!
  • Envelope generation can be triggered and controlled with the use of the panel mounted push button or with the trigger/gate input.
  • Control of the response curve between each stage of the envelope (from linear to logarithmic/exponential) is provided by a potentiometer.
  • Phase Time Limits:

Attack:  Min 3.0ms (down to 200µS with negative CV) // Max 10s
Decay:  Min 2.8ms (down to 400µS with negative CV) // Max 10s
Release:  Min 2.8ms (with Sustain at maximum) // Max 10s

– Current needs: +12V: 55mA, -12V: 25mA, +5V: 0
– Width: 8 HP
– Depth: 30 mm (inc power connector)
– Aluminium, heat-treated front panel
– Designed, kits prepared and assembled in Barcelona
– Banana connectors available upon request

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