Devialet Gold Phantom Premier Wireless Speaker

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Enjoy powerful wireless audio with the Devialet Gold Phantom Premier Wireless Speaker. It outputs up to 4500W of peak power and features Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless connectivity, plus an optical input and wired Ethernet. Spotify Connect is also onboard. It can be controlled wirelessly by the Spark or Phantom Remote apps.

ADH Amplification

Analog Digital Hybrid (ADH) technology is designed to deliver the nuances of analog amplifiers as well as the power and compactness of digital amplifiers to offer the best of both worlds.

Heart Bass Implosion

HBI is engineered to perform under extreme compactness and pressure. The Phantom's hermetically sealed architecture consists of two lateral woofers powering together to help generate dense sound with physical impact.

Speaker Active Matching

SAM helps ensure enhanced fidelity all throughout playback, enabling the Phantom Premier to precisely reproduce the exact rhythm and tempo of your music.

Active Cospherical Engine

The ACE is designed to output sound waves evenly in all directions for balanced sound with zero surface diffraction from nearly any listening angle.

EVO Platform

The EVO Platform supplies you with performance and compatibility updates for your Phantom Premier wirelessly. Simply connect to the Devialet Spark app and let the EVO Platform do the rest.

Versatile Configuration

You can pair two Phantom Premier speakers together in Duo mode, or two or more in Multiroom mode.

Additional Features

  • UPnP renderer 
  • Spotify Connect
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