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Built in collaboration with Christopher Benson from Benson Amps, the Automatone is a pedal built with motorized faders that adjust automatically as you cycle through presets. In addition to the sounds and controls of the original Benson Preamp, various clipping diode modes have been added to the Preamp MKII, along with a low impedance silicon fuzz you can swap from open to gated, a parametric midrange control with three selectable Q controls you can place before, or after the preamp, and three banks of ten presets to recall all your favourite settings, which are designed to dovetail with most MIDI and expression control.


The flying faders control Volume, Treble, Mids, Frequency, Bass, and Gain. When presets are changed, the sound is changed instantaneously. The faders will jump to the saved presets position shortly after to give a visual reference of what the saved sound's settings are. The faders are also servo'd to follow and track position change updates over expression, CV, and midi.


The original Benson Preamp built in to the Automatone features the preamp of a Chimera
tube amp, substituting FET transistors for the 12AX7s triode stages. Like the Chimera, the controls are Gain, Treble, and Bass, and there is an added master Volume as well. The original offers a wide range of functions like clean boost, overdrive, fuzz, and a very musical EQ circuit.


The Mids and Frequency controls are borrowed from the Chase Bliss Condor circuit, and infuse the preamp with an extremely versatile active parametric midrange control. This control boosts or cuts middle frequencies on the device up to 18dB. When the Mids fader is halfway up, it neither boosts nor cuts any frequencies. Higher positions boost the selected frequency, and lower positions attenuate it. The frequency affected by the Mids fader is selected by the Freq fader. All the way down is roughly 150 Hz and all the way
up is a little over 4kHz.

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