Delta-V Function Generator

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The Cosmotronic Delta-V is a two-channel analog function generator great for making envelopes, LFOs, and adding slew to control voltages. Delta-V’s outputs are sculpted using the attack, decay, shape, and amplitude controls. There is a trigger input for creating attack/decay envelopes and a slew input for adding portamento to CV or generating attack/sustain/release envelopes from gate signals.

Both envelopes have looping functionality and an end of cycle gate output. Further animation of the Delta-V can be achieved using the attack and decay CV inputs. The Delta-V features two VCA inputs. If an audio rate signal is applied to the VCA input, the envelope will modulate its amplitude. If a sub-audio signal is input at the VCA, it will control the amplitude of the envelope.

  • Two channel function generator
  • Attack and decay controls with CV control
  • Shape and amplitude knobs
  • Looping switch to initiate LFO functionality
  • VCA for amplitude modulation of external audio signals or VCAing the envelopes
  • End of cycle outputs
  • Trigger or slew inputs
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