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Elevator pitch: Element brings the best of Darkglass guitar cab simulation into an extremely
functional and forward-thinking stomp box design. Inspired by the touch sensor technology found in the Hyper-Luminal Compressor, the pedals face is void of any physical knobs, faders or buttons. Rather using the LED back fully-tactile sliders. Equipped with Bluetooth, Element allows for audio playback from any compatible audio source. Weather studio or stage, step up your sound with Element today.

Target customer:

  • Bassists, guitarists, or any type of instrumentalist. This is a very helpful and inspiring practice tool

  • Home or studio recording engineers. The Element can be used as a DI to silently record

  • Top Selling Features
    • Impulse Response loading via Bluetooth or USB and Darkglass Suite.

    • Two headphone outputs with independent volume controls.

    • Intuitive touch sensor controls make for a sleek easy to use


    • Bluetooth and 3.5mm Stereo input for audio playback

    • Up to -30db of attenuation for use with up to 900w

      amplifiers, to either go direct or practice silently

Did You Know?

  • An Impulse Response or IR is an audio file used to apply the acoustic properties of a speaker or room to an audio source, using an IR loader like the Element

  • When playing live, the XLR output can be sent to the PA system while the parallel output is sent to a monitor or cabinet on stage

  • Darkglass Suite is a software editor that allows users to change the Impulse Responses loaded into Element. Connect via Bluetooth or USB

  • Bank of 5 cabinent simulations (Editable via Darkglass Suite)

  • Two headphone outputs with independent volume control

  • Balanced XLR output for connecting to a preamp, pa system... etc

  • Stereo Bluetooth audio playback for backing tracks

  • Up to -30db of attenuation to handle up to 900w amplifier input

  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity

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