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Trigger / Gate Sequencer Module
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The Trigger Man is a unique trigger/gate sequencer module with a revolutionary interface that enables you to create any sequence with just two knobs.

There are 8 outputs and each sequence consists of up to 8 steps per output. It has 8 pattern memories (sets of 8X8 sequences), which can be played back in any order and chained into a series of patterns up to 100 patterns long. There are even two CV input jacks to control the sequences, patterns, or tempo. All of this fits in a very compact 8 HP wide module.

The Trigger Man is now even more powerful with the Version 2 firmware update!
We added tons of great new features in the same hardware. There are so many new features, the user manual is twice as long. And yet, we kept the basic functionality the same. So you can explore the more advanced features at your leisure.

If you already own a Trigger Man, find out how to get the update.

Firmware Update

There are two ways to get the latest firmware update for your Trigger Man:
1. Send your module to us.

  • There is no charge for the upgrade. You pay only shipping costs.
  • Package your module securely so that it is safe for the trip. Your packing materials will also be used to ship the module back to you.
  • Include your return address on a piece of paper inside the box. Sometimes return addresses on the outside of the box get obscured during shipping. Also, please include your email address in case we need to contact you.
  • Ship your module to:
    12054 Trotwood Drive
    Austin, TX 78753
  • Pay for the return shipping. You can include a check drawn on a US bank, or an international money order in the box with your module. Or, you can send the funds via Paypal to Shipping rates are as follows:
    United States: $6 for priority mail
    Canada: $10 for First Class mail, $28 for Priority Mail
    All other countries: $16 for First Class mail, $38 for Priority Mail

2. Do it yourself.

  • It's easy. These instructions explain how to do it.
  • If you already own a PIC microcontroller programmer, and you know how to use it, then just download the HEX file, and update your module.
  • If you do not have a PIC programmer, you can purchase one fairly cheaply. Details are on the next page.
  • Note that if you live outside the United States, it will be cheaper and faster to buy a PIC programmer and do the update yourself, rather than to pay and wait for international shipping.

How do I know which version firmware I have?
If you purchased your module before December 1st 2014, then you have V1.
To verify, you can go into Action Mode (press and hold the Mode button), and turn knob 1.
You have V1 if the step LEDs change from 1 to 4 to 8 illuminated LEDs in 3 clicks.
You have V2 If the step LEDs change from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4, etc to 8 illuminated LEDs in 8 clicks.

Technical Specifications

  • 8 HP wide, 30mm deep
  • 8 trigger/gate outputs
  • 8 patterns, each consisting 8 outputs, each with its own sequence of up to 8 steps
  • Each output has individually configurable options:
    • Number of steps per sequence (1 to 8) V2
    • Clock divider (divide by 2, 3, or 5) V2
    • Randomization V2
      • High or low randomization of shift or complexity V2
      • Full or weighted randomization of the sequence V2
    • Voltage control of shift, complexity, or sequence
    • Trigger/gate length:
      • 1 Millisecond V2
      • 10 Milliseconds
      • Clock-based, output is on when clock signal is on, and off when clock signal is off
      • Full, output is on for the full length of the step, consecutive "on" steps produce no "off" time between the steps
  • Multi-function clock input jack can be configured as:
    • External clock ticks: In this mode, the tempo knob acts as a clock divider
    • Voltage controlled tempo
    • Reset V2
    • Gate V2
  • Multi-function control voltage input jack can be configured as:
    • Voltage controlled pattern select (in pattern play mode)
    • Voltage control of complexity, shift, or sequence, configurable for each output
    • Reset V2
    • Gate V2
  • Three modes of operation

    Algorithmic Edit: A revolutionary pattern editing interface wherein one knob controls the complexity of the sequence (number of "on" steps and rests between the steps), and another knob shifts the steps right and left


    Step Edit: A traditional mode in which each step is turned on or off individually The shift knob still functions in Step Edit mode

    Pattern Play: Select which pattern is currently playing, or create a chain of patterns up to 100 patterns long The shift knob shifts the patterns in the chain

  • Edit a pattern while other patterns are playing V2
  • On-demand randomization: fully random, or weighted based on the current sequence V2
  • Pattern copy function (now easier in V2)
  • Sequence and Pattern clear functions
  • Internal clock with tempo knob (40 - 295 BPM)
  • Run/Stop button controls the internal clock, or resets to the first step if using an external clock
  • Non-volatile pattern and configuration memory. Data is saved even when powered off
  • Current draw is 56mA on +12V, -12 and +5V are not required

V2 Indiates a Firmware Version 2 Feature

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