The Dreadbox Nyx V2 Duophonic Analog Synthesizer


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  • The Dreadbox Nyx v2 is a semi-modular desktop synthesizer, fantastic for thick drones or percussive hits, or a huge variety of other applications. The Nyx 2 begins with two oscillators with waveform selection. Oscillator 1 has square and saw waveforms, while oscillator 2 has sawtooth and triangle waveforms. These can be mixed in the mixer section and feature glide per oscillator. These can be played paraphonically with a MIDI input and feature an autotune function to keep the oscillators in tune when not being used.The dual filter has two filters that share controls. The cutoff control sets the cutoff frequency for both filters, but they can be spread apart with the offset setting which controls filter 2's cutoff relative to filter 1. Each filter is 12dB/oct, but when used in series can achieve a filter slope of 24dB/oct.Nyx 2 features three digital modulators with controls for rise, fall, and sustain level. Mod 1 and 2 feature routing to the filter while the amp modulator is hardware to the VCA. Mod 1 and 2 can self cycle to act as additional LFOs and the amp modulator can be set to drone the VCA.The reverb section is the heart of the Nyx, providing character and space to your sound. Reverb has feedback, size, and mix control plus its own random modulation source with variable slew and level to control the depth of modulation. It provides everything from smooth and huge to small and metallic sounding reverbs.Nyx 2 features extensive routing possibilities right from the front panel without the need to patch anything. The oscillator routing control features four modes: straight to VCA (bypassing the filter), normal, split, and half. In normal mode both VCOs go to both filters. Split takes oscillator 1 to the left and oscillator 2 to the right. In half mode, both VCOs are sent to filter 2. The filters also feature four routing modes: low pass, band pass, high pass, and parallel. Mod routing features four modes: off, in which neither of them affect the filter; 1 / 2 mod in which 1 controls filter 1, mod 2 controls filter 2; 1+2, in which both mods control both filters; or 1, in which just mod 1 controls the filter. In addition to this routing, the patch bay features 30 patch points which can be connected with 3.5mm patch cables.Nyx 2 is capable of a huge range of sounds and can be tailored to suit a wide variety of playing styles and applications.
    • Analog duophonic semi-modular synthesizer
    • Reverb with internal random modulation and wide range of sounds
    • Three digital modulators
    • Dual filter with adjustable routing, can be 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct
    • Dual oscillator with waveform selection, glide per oscillator, and sync
    • 30 point patch bay
    • Extensive internal routing with no patch cables needed
    • Auto-tune function keeps oscillators in tune
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