Semi-Modular Synthesizer

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This digital hybrid synthesizer from Eowave, the Quadrantid Swarm, is a powerful source of melodic and percussive sounds. The semi-modular design comes configured to make sounds right out of the box, but patching the elements internally or with external CV signals unlocks new functionality.

A triangle wave with wavefolding and a dedicated percussive element combine to create a wide range of complex behaviors. Filter these two elements with the pair of 12dB/oct filters, connected in series. Filter 1 can act as a low pass or high pass filter, and filter 2 is a low pass filter. A real spring reverb adds depth and space to your sounds with a simple one-knob interface.

The touchplates at the bottom of the Quadrantid Swarm are configured to act as a monophonic touchplate, polyphonic touchplate, or as an eight-step sequencer. Or alternatively, you can sequence your sounds with the built-in MIDI input or external CV sources. A two-stage envelope is excellent for plucky percussive hits or expressive filter sweeps. The LFO is an eight-wave LFO connected to a slew limiter that provides wide-ranging modulation.

With a ton of sonic and modulation options built right in, this hybrid synthesizer offers extensive possibilities for sounds and behaviors that provide hours of exploration.

  • Hybrid semi-modular percussive synthesizer

  • LFO with eight waveforms and slew limiter

  • Monophonic touchplate, polyphonic touchplate, or eight-step sequencer

  • Two 12dB analog filters in series

  • Analog spring reverb

  • Triangle waveform with spread folding

  • Percussive sound source complements the triangle waveform

  • MIDI input

  • Two-stage envelope

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