Beatrix Analog Phaser

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Need some spacy sweeps or peculiar spectral accentuation? Beatrix is a 100% analog phaser for Eurorack modular synthesizers from Expert Sleepers, offering voltage control over all parameters. Beatrix features a unique Offset parameter which sweeps the filter notches without sweeping the resonant frequency—even under voltage control. The Phase switch allows you to turn off the phasing effect and turn the module into a resonant peak filter, and the Sum switch lets you switch between two different flavors of phasing.

By adjusting a set of trimmers behind the module, the Feedback (resonance) knob can start to self-oscillate, though the factory-trim is just shy of that at full clockwise. Expert Sleepers Beatrix is a compact, lush sounding, analog phaser that can gently tuck itself into any setup.

  • Analog phaser
  • Voltage control over notch frequencies, feedback (resonance), and effect depth
  • Attenuators for audio input and frequency
  • Frequency tracks at ~1v/Oct
  • Offset input sweeps through filter notches, but not resonant frequency
  • Phase switch turns on/off phasing sound
  • Sum switch inverts the filtered signal offering different style of phasing
  • Trimmers on the back fine-tune the Feedback and Depth controls
  • Feedback can be adjusted to self-oscillate via trimmers
  • Discrete transistor OTAs
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 8hp
  • Depth: 37mm
  • Current draw: 22mA @ +12V, 21mA @ -12V
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