Queen Bee Fuzz Pedal

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The Custom Shop Queen Bee is powered by 3 x New Old Stock Military "Flying Saucer" germanium transistors in an original design that behaves in an amp-like manner, meaning it responds dynamically to the input from your hands and guitar. Great clean-up by lowering the guitar's volume knob, sweet mids, clarity, sustain, harmonics...it's all in there.

As with most Fulltone pedals, the Queen Bee has True-Bypass switching via the Fulltone 3PDT footswitch for maximum signal integrity while the pedal is bypassed. 

Input Impedance: using 440Hz, 100k or lower
Output Impedance: varies with Volume knob position, range approximately 20k - 70k
Power Consumption: 5mA
Dimensions: 4.78" L x 2.9" W x 2.4" H

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