Tremolo Pedal with Tap Tempo, 3 Waveforms, and up to 15dB Boost

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Building on the acclaim for the original Supa-Trem, the Fulltone Supa-Trem Jr. tremolo pedal is a highly flexible trem solution that won't take up much space on your pedalboard. And it packs everything you could ask for in a trem pedal, including a boost (up to 15dB!), square/since/warble waveforms, and tap tempo.

Taking it beyond the original Supa-Trem, the Supa-Trem Jr. has an even wider speed range — from an ultra-slow 10-second cycle to faster than 220bpm. And it's all based on the Fulltone-designed Opto-1 Photocell for supreme sonic character. Whether your ideal tremolo sound is subtle or extreme, you'll find it in the Fulltone Supa-Trem Jr. tremolo pedal.

Clever guitarists figured out that the previous Supa-Trem did a pretty awesome job as a clean boost by turning up the internal volume control and turning down the Mix control. Fulltone endowed the Supa-Trem Jr. with that same functionality, but this time the volume control has conveniently migrated to the top of the pedal. The same basic principle applies: set the Hard/Soft switch to soft, turn the volume up, and the Mix down and you've got access to up to 15dB of clean gain.

The large knobs let you set the Rate and Mix with your foot for on-the-fly adjustments. Plus, a red LED lets you see the speed at all times (even when the pedal is bypassed). A tap tempo switch allows you to stay in sync with your bandmates — there's also an external tap input if you prefer a separate tap switch. No matter how you have it set, the Supa-Trem Jr. adds a classic trem flavor to your tone without signal degradation.

Fulltone's custom-made brass-shaft pots are among the strongest and smoothest feeling pots available. These amazing pots are mounted to the interior PCB board via a proprietary "thru-PCB" method rather than having the pot be secured by the pot terminals, drastically reducing pot-related failure. This method keeps Fulltone pedals up and running for the duration of your playing days. Plus, this eliminates the need for a bunch of jumper wires, keeping your tone as pure as humanly possible.

  • Photo-cell trem for classic tremolo sound
  • Tap Tempo footswitch, plus tap input for external control
  • Square/singe/warble waveforms offer a huge range of creative possibilities
  • Can act as a clean boost for more sonic options
  • Speed ranges from an ultra-slow 10-second cycle to an ultra-fast 220bpm and beyond
  • True bypass to maintain signal purity when bypassed
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