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Herbs And Stones Liquid Foam is a wild, patchable analog groovebox that makes every TB-303 look old and it is now available in an adapted version for Eurorack.

Liquid Foam is like a TB-303 from a different sound dimension. It features a single analog VCO with two stages of waveshaping, a decay-only envelope, a 2-pole lowpass VCF, and a CMOS-based final overdrive stage. The Eurorack version with 32HP offers an improved engine that is fully compatible with Eurorack voltages and standards. The wonderful craziness and unpredictability of the desktop version remain in the Euroack version.


The Euro version features a new input circuitry that is compatible with any type of signal, not just 5V gates. The filter and the wave mixer have been revised and three new outputs have been added to the modular version. It now comes with outputs for the trigger, envelope generator, and bandpass filter. Then, you get no more delay when unplugging an external clock signal. Further, the EG offset knob now affects the envelope generator also in non-inverted mode what is a handy addition.

The Eurorack adaptation looks much more compact than the desktop version. In terms of sound, both are crazy, experimentally equally. The strength of the Liquid Foam lies in the fact that you can patch very complex, wild patterns without a built-in sequencer. All of this is now available in Eurorack. 

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