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Hungry Robot Looping ADSR Envelope Generator
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The Looping ADSR is an extremely versatile envelope generator. 

It can act as a traditional ADSR envelope requiring a gate signal to activate or as a looping ADSR.  Envelopes can be output with both linear and exponential curves. 

In Loop Mode it repeats the cycle of Attack, Decay, & Release.  Once the Release phase is complete, it loops back to the Attack and begins the cycle again. 

The Looped envelope can be further manipulated with the Loop Scale knob.  Loop Scale shrinks the overall size of the envelope while keeping the ratio of A:D:R identical.  All knobs on the Looping ADSR have CV input. 

As with all Hungry Robot "Modular Boxes" the Looping ADSR can be powered with a simple 9V DC, Negative Center power supply.  


  • ATTACK:  Sets the attack length (1st stage of ADSR cycle).  Determines how long it takes to come to full voltage after gate is applied (up to 10 sec.)
  • DECAY:  Sets the decay length (2nd stage of ADSR cycle).  Determines how long it takes to go from full voltage to sustain voltage (up to 10 sec.)
  • SUSTAIN:  Sets the sustain level.  Determines what voltage the envelope returns to after decay stage
  • RELEASE:  Sets the release length (Final stage of ADSR cycle).  Determine how long it takes to return to 0V after gate is released (up to 10 sec.)
  • LOOP SCALE:  When in loop mode, this knob scales down the length of the envelope while keeping the ratios identical


  • LIN/EXP:  Selects the envelope type: linear vs. exponential curve
  • LOOP/ADSR:  Switches between Loop and ADSR mode.  LOOP turns the loop on.  ADSR is a traditional ADSR requiring a gate signal
  • RPT./GATE:  Works only in LOOP mode.  RPT. automatically repeats the loop without a gate.  GATE mode requires a gate to begin looping.


  • LS.CV:  CV input for Loop Scale.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.
  • A.CV:  CV input for Attack.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.
  • D.CV:  CV input for Decay.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.
  • S.CV:  CV input for Sustain.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.
  • R.CV:  CV input for Release.  Allows for CV control of this parameter.
  • GATE:  Gate input for ADSR mode as well as Gate/Loop mode
  • OUT:  Output of final envelope for all modes.  

Technical Specifications

  • Dimensions: 4.7” x 3.7” x 1.96”
  • Power: 9V DC - Negative Center - 2.1mm Barrel
  • Isolated Supply Preferable

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