Must-have chorus, flanger, phaser, rotary and more in one pedal

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It’s time to break free

Bring your perfect studio guitar sound onstage with the new AmpliTube X-VIBE modulation pedal. This boutique, audiophile-grade pedal features 16 different modulation effects drawn from IK’s most popular AmpliTube models, accompanied by an exclusive plug-in of the exact same effects. Use the plug-in version with AmpliTube 5 (SE version included) to record and tweak settings and save as presets on your X-VIBE pedal for world-class tone anywhere.


Show-stomping DSP inside

AmpliTube X-VIBE leverages IK’s latest technologies for hyper-realistic emulations of real-world gear. The state-of-the-art DSP onboard offers 16 high-end gear models, while a special X-MODE opens additional hyper modulation effects. Using 4x oversampling with 192kHz internal processing, X-VIBE delivers amazing clarity to the stage with the realism and response that users love about AmpliTube 5.


Hardware that stands out

For AmpliTube X-VIBE we went all out to guarantee your tone stays as pure and pristine as possible, no matter how simple or sophisticated your signal chain becomes.


• Ultra-low noise, 24-bit/192kHz converters for class-leading sound quality

• 5 Hz–24 kHz frequency response to capture the full scope of your guitar’s sound 

• 112 dB dynamic range provides whisper-quiet operation at any gain setting 

• A pure analog dry path and selectable true or soft bypass for maximum control 


Industry-leading integration 

AmpliTube X-VIBE includes a matching X-VIBE modulation plug-in for Mac/PC. Open the included AmpliTube 5 SE and you’ll find your virtual X-VIBE pedal available as a stomp for use within the program. Adjust any of your pedal settings with the convenience of AmpliTube’s award-winning workflow and save them as presets. The X-GEAR Preset Manager lets you move presets between X-GEAR pedals and AmpliTube and easily reorganize them on the hardware pedal. You can store up to 300 presets per pedal.


All-in-one recording

With AmpliTube X-VIBE there’s no need for any other gear when it comes to the studio. We’ve put a USB audio interface and some must-have recording features right onboard.


• 5Hz to 24kHz frequency response to record the full range of your guitar or bass

• Versatile routing options let you send the wet or dry signal to your DAW

• Convenient headphone out for monitoring sound between the pedal and computer

• Full MIDI implementation to map control of AmpliTube and/or any compatible DAW


From sound check to final encore

When it’s time to play out, AmpliTube X-VIBE holds everything you need to perform at your best. In fact, you can even leave you amp and cab at home, if you want to.


• Guitar-friendly interface and intuitive knobs to tweak your sound on the fly 

• High-contrast LED display keeps you informed on everything, indoors and out 

• Expression pedal input adds additional control over any parameter you choose

• Full MIDI implementation is built-in for even the most complex setups 

• 3 cabinet impulse responses let you connect directly to a powered cab or PA


With great tone comes great portability

AmpliTube X-VIBE will empower you no matter where you are. Experience the freedom of moving between the studio and stage seamlessly, confident that you and the audience hear your sound exactly as you created it to be.

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