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Keeley Verb o Trem Eddie Heinzelman Reverb/Tremolo Pedal /Reverb and Tremolo Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar, with 2 Reverb Types and 3 Tremolo Types
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Combining vibrant reverb with throbbing tremolo, the Keeley Verb o Trem Eddie Heinzelman reverb/tremolo pedal is sure to delight. On the reverb side, choose from a splashy spring sound or a smooth plate reverb tone. You also have three distinct types of tremolo to pick from: tube-bias style, MagnaAmp-style vibrato, and harmonic tremolo. Best of all, you can use the Verb o Trem pedal for tremolo only, reverb only, or both. Whether you seek spacious ambience and subtle modulation or something much more extreme, the Keeley Verb o Trem Eddie Heinzelman reverb/tremolo pedal delivers.

It's hard to beat the sound of Keeley's reverbs, and the Verb o Trem pedal packs two distinctive flavors — spring and plate. On top of those, you can choose from three tremolo types: R+T conjures the fat sound of tube-bias tremolo you'd find on an old tube amp. Mack is actually a vibrato effect, using subtle pitch shifting to create the effect of volume modulation. And HAR (Harmonically Amplified Resonator) uses dual filters to create its trippy sound.

  • 2 iconic guitar effects in a single-sized stompbox
  • Reverb types include spring and plate
  • Tremolo types include tube-bias style, MagnaAmp-style vibrato, and harmonic tremolo
  • Controls for tremolo: Rate and Depth
  • Controls for reverb: Reverb time and Level
  • Use a single effect by dialing down the depth/level of the other effect
  • Signal flow is reverb into tremolo

Technical Specifications

  • Pedal Type:Reverb, Tremolo 
  • Analog/Digital:Digital 
  • Presets:3 x Tremolo, 2 x Reverb 
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4" 
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4" 
  • True Bypass:Yes 
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply required (sold separately) 
  • Power Usage:65 mA 
  • Height:2"
  • Width:2.67"
  • Depth:4.4"
  • Weight:0.6 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:KVoT

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