Keith McMillen Instruments BopPad Smart Fabric Drum Pad

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The rugged and portable Keith McMillen Instruments BopPad Smart Fabric Drum Pad is an advanced electronic drum pad controller capable of sending accurate, highly nuanced MIDI data to your computer or tablet. It features a fast-response, 10" playing surface, which uses the company's proprietary Smart Fabric Sensor Technology to provide a traditional feel and an expanded range of expressive possibilities for triggering samples, sound effects, pads, chords, and more. Designed to be played with sticks, hands, or any convenient object, the pad is ideal for both conventional and experimental styles of play.

The BopPad playing surface splits into four independent quadrants, each with different sounds. For example, it lets you build a drum kit and play kick/snare/hi-hat/tom sounds simultaneously. You can also configure the unit to trigger a single sound on the entire surface.

Nearly all aspects of how the BopPad responds to user input can be customized with the BopPad Editor software (free download available separately). The Editor enables you to define what data your BopPad will send, how it will send the data, and how that data is controlled by the different sources. Each quadrant can send up to six MIDI notes, as well as continuous control (CC), polyphonic aftertouch, channel pressure, velocity, and pitch-bend messages.



  • 10" playing surface divided into four, independently programmable quadrants
  • Play with drumsticks, your hands, or any other object
  • Trigger samples, sound effects, pads, chords, and more
  • Accurate hit detection with low latency (under 3 ms)
  • Smart Fabric Sensor Technology gives you traditional feel and enhanced expressivity
  • Send up to six MIDI notes from each of the four quadrants
  • Send up to five additional MIDI messages from each quadrant including continuous control (CC), polyphonic aftertouch, channel pressure, velocity, pitch bend 
  • Micro-USB port on the back of the device for connecting to computer or MIDI-capable tablet using included micro-USB cable
  • Capable of triggering hardware with 5-pin MIDI connection using optional MIDI Expander (available separately)
  • Rugged, portable design
  • Mounts on any standard cymbal stand with BopPad mount (available separately)
  • Red USB guard protects micro-USB cable and micro-USB port
  • LED shows different states of the BopPad
  • USB bus-powered
  • Class-compliant MIDI device
  • Compatible with any DAW
  • Connect to an iOS device: Apple-branded Camera Connection Kit (USB-to-Lightning adapter) recommended
  • Connect to an Android device: USB OTG cable recommended
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