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The Lauten Audio Eden LT-386 is a large diaphragm tube microphone based around the EF86 valve that uses a different Multi-Voice proprietary technology than by which the Lauten Atlantis gained popularity. Thanks to a switch located on the body of the mic, the Eden allows for choosing between cardioid, omnidirectional and Figure-8 polar patterns. A switchable high-pass filter is also on-board. Design consultant, producer/engineer Fab Dupont, requested a three-way switch that changes the overall response-color (Forward, Neutral and Gentle).

Though the Eden LT-386 is "vintage inspired" the basic character is specified for modern digital recording. Vintage microphones were voiced with the sonic degradation of the traditionally lengthy and lossy signal paths and recording mediums in mind. Basically, the sound changed quite a bit between the microphone and tape, and back to the console again! In digital recording, this is typically not the case as the signal paths are much shorter, and the recoding media imposes a minimum of changes upon the original sound - for better or worse. But we love the sound of the old records, right? Therefore, Lauten Audio recognized this need and provided the Edens voicing which is both smooth and clear; rich with character, but inoffensive to the honest sound of the performer or instrument.

Another of Fab Dupont’s ideas is a semi-permanent shockmount which allows the microphone to be stored in it's case attached to the mount. Most pro studios utilize some sort of a "quick change" microphone mount/stand adapter system. This new mount design allows you to increase your setup and tear-down speed. Time is money! And the Eden will help you get good, usable sounds quickly.


  • Three Polar Patterns: Cardioid, Figure-8, Omni
  • Multiple Voicings: Forward, Neutral and Gentle
  • Capsule: dual-diaphragm, 31.21mm
  • Filter: High-Pass
  • Transformer: US made output transformer
  • Shockmount: Semi-Permanent Shockmount included
  • Included Accessories: Power Supply, 7-pin Cable, Case
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