Make Noise Tape and Microsound Music Machine

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The next evolution of the System Concrete, the Make Noise Tape and Microsound Music Machine combines some of their best modules into a full modular system for experimentation with classic tape music and granular synthesis techniques. With the capability of both synthesizing sound and working with pre-recorded samples, this is a perfect system for sonic adventurers and sound designers.

Three audio modules form the core of the Tape and Microsound Music Machine: the Morphagene, QPAS, and Mimeophon. The SoundHack Morphagene combines the realms of musique concrete and computer music to form a sonic crucible of sample manipulation (in full stereo, no less). Capable of both live processing and manipulation of pre-recorded material, this module turns time into malleable matter: time stretching, sample chopping, live looping, and pitch-shifted delay effects are all easily within reach. Rearrange external samples or granularize live audio: countless techniques are readily available and accessible via voltage control.

The QPAS (Quad Peak Animation System) is stereo analog filter with four resonant peaks, providing simultaneous access to stereo multipeak highpass, lowpass, bandpass, and Smile Pass filter responses. Thinking of QPAS merely as a filter, though, misses out on much of its potential. It can be used as a formant generator, creating vowel-like snarls and sweeps; it can be used like a ringing modal resonator if fed with short impulses; or, it can be used as a binaural panning device, swirling sounds all across the stereo field.

The most recent member of the Make Noise/SoundHack family, the Mimeophon makes special use of the countless possibilities of audio repetition. While it might seem on the surface to just be a stereo delay, there's much more to the Mimeophon than that—it can producing flanging, comb filtering, chorus, and reverb-like Halos. It offers access to delay times up to 42 seconds, making it an ideal choice for live looping and Time Lag Accumulation, allowing slow layering and transformation of masses of sound. Additionally, it can act as its own sound source: send in impulses at short delay times for Karplus-Strong effects, or turn up the Repeats control to induce self-oscillation. Mimeophon is invaluable for all manner of stereo repeats and ghostly sound production.

XOH is a straightforward stereo mixer and output module, providing a perfect endpoint for your audio path.

The system's modulation section is comprised of a Wogglebug and black and gold Maths —both time-tested, endlessly flexible sources of modulation. Whether using them as audio generators, straightforward modulation sources, or a complex web of animated generative voltages, they will find a use in every patch. Combined with Make Noise's Mult, these modules provide invaluable modulation potential.

All housed in a 104hp Make Noise Powered Skiff, this system is a complete vessel for sonic adventure and expedition: simply plug in and start on a journey that will no doubt take several years to unfold.

  • Full Eurorack modular system geared toward adventurous sample manipulation and experimental synthesis
  • Next evolution of the Make Noise System Concrete
  • SoundHack Morphagene for granular/microsound sample manipulation
  • QPAS stereo filter/resonator and binaural manipulation device
  • SoundHack Mimeophon stereo multi-zone color audio repeater
  • XOH for stereo mixing and final output, including headphone output
  • Maths function generator for envelopes, LFOs, mixing, and more
  • Wogglebug random voltage generator and chaotic signal source
  • Mult for passive signal splitting and distribution
  • Housed in 104hp Make Noise Skiff
  • Patch cables and blank panels included
  • 10hp available for expansion
  • Dimensions: 21.5" x 5.14" x 2.75"
  • Power: universal AC adapter included
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