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Quad VCA is a 4-channel, advanced voltage controlled attenuator
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Quad VCA is a 4-channel, advanced voltage controlled attenuator with an analog signal path that can either be used stand-alone with an auto-save function to memory, or in tandem with the Varigate 4+ and 8+ for multiple preset recall over the power bus.

Input channels 2-4 are normalled to 1 and bi-polar CV inputs 2-4 are also normalized to CV input 1 for complex level and modulation routing (Scan), and each channel can also run independently with it’s own CV input. Each channel includes a mute function and all outputs are summed to a mix output. To adjust level and CV modulation per channel, use the Select Channel buttons and then adjust the Offset and Attenuverter controls.

When the Scan function switch is enabled, CV input 1 (with an LFO inserted as an example) will start scanning (scrubbing) channels 1-4 via the LFO and per the Offset and Attenuverter settings. For instance, if you want a smooth scan between four oscillator inputs, patch four oscillator waveforms into the Quad VCA channel inputs, insert an LFO on CV input one and then adjust the offset and attenuverter controls. Either patch the individual outputs or the mix output.

The remote switch allows you to switch from remote preset access (V4+ and V8+) or stand-alone from the front of the panel. All settings are saved.

Quad VCA is a complete 4-channel VCA and mixing solution with preset recall capability, all in 8hp.

Features include:

  • 4 individual inputs and outputs and 1 mix output
  • 4 Bi-polar CV inputs, accepting up to +/- 10v
  • Switch for turning Scan (channel scrub) feature on or off
  • Offset and Attenuvert controls per channel
  • Remote switch on/off for either stand-alone mode with auto-save, or save multiple Quad VCA presets along with your Varigate 4+ and Varigate 8+
  • Mute buttons per channel output
  • 8hp

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