Manikin Modul 5 Phono Pre-Amplifier

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Modul 5 is a universal phono preamplifier for Eurorack setups. In order to guarantee excellent signal quality, the circuit can be adapted to the pickup system of any turntable. In detail, it is possible to choose between MC and MM pickups. Furthermore, the circuit can be matched to the output impedance of the connected turntable. Two RCA sockets (L / R) and a ground screw are used for feeding audio material to the module. On the output side, you’ll find a volume control stage, followed by two 1/8 inch connectors.

Using jumpers, Modul 5 can be matched to any turntable. Here’s a brief overview of what needs to be considered:

Most record players use a pickup system with moving magnet (MM). More detailed, a magnet is moved by the needle and a rigid coil translates the movements into electrical signals. MM systems feature a relatively large coil, which means that impedance and output voltages are stronger than with moving coil systems (MC). Here, the coil is small. Thus, signal strength and impedance are rather low. The manual of Modul 5 contains a list with recommended settings for different types of pickup systems and input impedances.

In addition, there is a switchable subsonic filter to eliminate low frequency interferences below 20 Hz. More good news: In most cases, the default configuration, MM and an impedance of 47 kOhm, will work just fine.

HE: 3
TE: 12
Depth: 40
Power consumption +12V: 25
Power consumption -12V: 25
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