Origin Effects Cali76-TX Compressor


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Premium-quality, 1960’s-style FET compressor with transformer output stage!

The classic Cali76-TX is back for a limited run of 200 units!

When Origin Effects launched the Cali76 back in 2012, it was, and still is, like nothing else on the market. 

With its large, brushed aluminium enclosure, studio-grade circuitry and astonishingly transparent sound, the Cali76 broke the mould in every department. 

The Cali76-TX features a custom-wound iron core transformer designed to subtly saturate and add extra harmonic complexity at higher gain levels. 

The pedal also features a 12-stage LED gain reduction meter, a balanced line-level/DI output, and a gain switch (perfect for pushing the transformer harder).



Cali76-TX Controls:

• Output: Overall output level.

• Input / Comp: Sets how much signal passes the threshold and is compressed.

• Ratio: Sets the amount of attenuation from anywhere between 4:1 and 20:1.

• Attack: Determines the time taken for the compressor to react to the presence of a signal.

• Release: Sets the duration of gain reduction before recovering to no compression.

• Gain: Pushes the transformer into saturated overdrive.

• PAD: Drops the signal from LINE/DI output by around 28dB.

• GND: Disconnects the ground connection to solve ground-loop-related issues.


Origin Effects Cali76-TX Compressor features;

• The original, large-format Cali76 compressor!

• Limited run of 400 units (200 TX and 200 TX-L).

• 100% Class-A discrete signal path.

• Ultra fast “FET” response.

• Attack & Release controls.

• Studio-grade “discrete” preamplifier.

• Rugged VU-style meter.

• Low noise electronics.

• Class-A discrete output-amplifier driving transformer.

• Dual, low-impedance outputs (via audio transformer).

• Unbalanced instrument-level output.

• Balanced Line-DI output.

• Ground-lift function to eliminate ground induced hum.

• Gain-switch adjusts transformer saturation.

• Power: 9 - 18V DC.

• Current Draw: 13 - 72mA.

• Dimensions: 161 X 205 X 71 mm.

• Designed and built in England.

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