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The RD Compact Hot Rod is the latest in the RevivalDRIVE lineage and it packs huge, hot-rodded amptones into a compact enclosure. Taking inspiration from the legendary amp techs of the ‘70s and ‘80s,we have taken our RevivalDRIVE Compact pedal and pushed it to its limits - more gain, more sustain and more aggression.

The RD Compact Hot Rod recreates the entire signal path of a classic, modified valve amp using all- analogue transistor circuitry, right down to the push-pull output stage and specially designed power supply which introduces just the right amount of “sag”. This super-realistic pedal not only replicates the sounds but also the dynamics and feel of coveted hot-rodded amps.


  • Unabridged valve amp-style signal path recreated in all-analogue electronics

  • Class-A preamp stage with realistic, “hot-rodded” amp gain-staging

  • Full control of tone, dynamic response and distortion characteristics

  • Wide gain range, from clean to full-on saturation

  • Powerful Post-Drive EQ tailors the pedal’s voicing to suit any amp

  • Premium components throughout

  • Designed and built in England



    GAIN: Like the Volume knob on a non-master volume amp – increasing the GAIN will gradually increase overdrive in the emulated amp circuit.

    OUTPUT: Simply an output level control – this will not affect the tone or overdrive of the pedal.

  2. MORE/PRES: Alters negative feedback in the emulated amp circuit, affecting not only the presence and

    brightness but also the transition into overdrive.

    HIGHS: Adjusts the Treble and Mids in the emulated amp circuit. This will affect the tone and the character of the overdrive. Fully counterclockwise, this control emulates the sound of a Marshall with its tone controls set flat. Sweeping to 12 o’clock gives you a cranked, hot-rodded Plexi, through to a cranked Fender-style tone with the HIGHS knob fully clockwise.

    LOWS: Adjusts the Bass in the emulated amp circuit. This will affect the tone and character of the overdrive. High settings will result in a thick, raspy overdrive tone with a more vintage character. Low settings will be tight and defined, like a classic hot-rodded Plexi.

    BLEND: Turning the control counter-clockwise from maximum will begin to introduce some of your cleanguitar signal. As highly overdriven sounds don’t blend too well with clean tones, the BLEND control alsoreduces gain in the pedal as the clean signal is blended in.

    POST-DRIVE EQ: This innovative output filter tailors the sound of the RD Compact Hot Rod to suit any amp. Choose from three filter settings, then fine tune to exactly match your rig with the Adjust control.



    The RD Compact Hot Rod has a high impedance input and its output level will suit typical amp inputs, power amp inputs and line inputs. Power using a 9VDC 2.1mm centre-negative adaptor delivering at least 100mA. Voltage rails are increased internally for high headroom.






620 g (1.37 lb)


143 x 66 x 65 mm (5.62 x 2.6 x 2.56 in.)

L x W x H - Includes knobs and switches


Input Impedance

1 MΩ

Output Impedance

1 kΩ

Current Draw

100 mA


Power Supply

9V DC 2.1 mm centre-negative

Please note: the RD Compact Hot Rod is powered by a mains adaptor only (not included). We’ve dispensed with the usual 9V battery option, both to save space and to allow us to adopt a high-current approach, yielding lower noise levels and superior tone.

Origin Effects pedals are designed to deliver impeccable performance using a range of power supplies. We recommend you only use a regulated power supply specifically designed for guitar pedal applications as power supplies which do not have sufficient internal filtering can result in unwanted noise.

We recommend the following power supplies for use with our pedals:

  • Voodoo Labs Pedal Power series
  • Cioks supplies
  • Truetone 1 Spot Pro series
  • Strymon Zuma

This product should only be operated at 9V. The design employs a voltage doubling circuit to achieve higher internal voltages for improved sonic performance.

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