Moon Phase Stereo Multimode Filter

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Patching Panda's interstellar Moon Phase has landed! The Moon Phase is a clever stereo filter design, with very compelling takes on filter mode selection and stereo spatialization. Patching a single signal into the left input will run it through both filters, but a separate right input is available for processing an existing stereo signal path or a separate mono signal. A single frequency knob will set the base cutoff point for both filters, with a span control that will spread both peaks further apart in either direction. Unlike a lot of filters, Moon Phase will not self-oscillate when the resonance is turned up, but instead will distort and modify the sound in other ways, and this behavior of resonance is highly affected by the Stereo Imager control, which applies phase shifting and can impart distortion and other artifacts upon the sound.

Perhaps the most unique feature of Moon Phase is the Mode selection. Each of the eight modes will toggle between various combinations of filter types for the left and right channels, such as dual lowpass, lowpass/notch, and more. While one could simply press the button to advance between filter types, the folks at Patching Panda also included a CV input for Mode selection, where sending it a gate, trigger, or any high voltage will automatically advance to the next filter mode. This sort of built-in sequential switch works at audio rate as well, unlocking another whole dimension of sounds from within Moon Phase.

  • Stereo filtering with multiple filtering types
  • 12dB/oct slope for the filters
  • Eight filtering modes
  • Stereo imaging spreads the signals in a stereo field
  • Left and right inputs with level controls
  • CV inputs accept up to audio rate signals
  • Resonance doesn't self oscillate, even at high settings
  • Eurorack module
  • Width: 14hp
  • Depth: 22mm
  • Current draw: 82mA @ +12V, 63mA @ -12V
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