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Analog Modular Synthesizer
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East Coast Subtraction

Anchored by a powerful pair of oscillators with a full complement of waveforms rich in harmonics and modulation options, three resonant filters, a pair of four stage envelopes, and deep midi options, the Lifeforms Foundation 4 is the perfect choice for east coast style subtractive synthesis. The onboard midi can be patched up to create monophonic or true duophonic synth voices, and can be controlled with the built-in arpeggiator. Everything from Berlin school electronic music to dirty funk bass lines are just a few patch cables away.

West Coast Chemistry

The same complex oscillator that sings for the east coast opens to reveal even more for the west. FM, non-linear waveshaping, and a unique variable response lowpass gate drive the Lifeforms Foundation 4 deep into west synthesis territory. An additional lowpass gate, voltage controlled multi-function generator, chaotic random generators, and a host of utility modules firmly plant the Lifeforms Foundation 4 flag on west coast soil. 

A Eurorack Synthesizer

The Lifeforms Foundation 4 is not simply a collection of eurorack modules pieced together to fill a case. All of the modules in the Lifeforms Foundation 4 were designed simultaneously as a single, monolithic synthesizer to ensure that it sounds and feels like a complete instrument. While the Lifeforms Foundation 4 Synthesizer functions as a standalone instrument, it is also a 100% eurorack compatible modular synthesizer. The system is made up of 12 individual eurorack format synthesizer modules which can be removed, reorganized, and replaced with Pittsburgh Modular or other eurorack compatible modules. Housed in our Structure EP-208 road case, the Lifeforms Foundation 4 has room to grow. The additional space allows a nearly infinite number of expansion options. The included black plastic blank panel can be easily trimmed as new modules are added to keep the case looking clean.

Technical Specifications

Lifeforms Foundation Features
• Structure EP-208 Eurorack Enclosure with Removable Lid
• 24 Nazca Audio Noodles Eurorack Patch Cables
• 104hp of Available Space to Expand
• Standard IEC Power Cable

Includes :

  • 1 x Midi 3
  • 1 x Double Helix Dual Oscillator
  • 1 x Mod Tools
  • 1 x 2+2 Mixer
  • 1 x Dynamic Impulse Filter
  • 2 x Binary Filter
  • 1 x Distro
  • 2 x ADSR
  • 1 x Dual VCA
  • 1 x Outs

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