Dynamic Vocal Microphone for Broadcast, Podcasting, and Live Streaming

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Single sell line:

Ideally suited for broadcast, podcasting, and live streaming, the PD-70 is built to capture the spoken word cleanly and clearly while eliminating mechanical noise and breathiness so your voice is delivered to your listeners with clarity and warmth.


Unique selling points:

End-address broadcast dynamic microphone for podcasting, live streaming, broadcast, and more; superior off-axis rejection for maximum noise cancellation; integrated wind screen; ideally suited for spoken word.


Main copy:

Whether you’re starting your first podcast, telling your YouTube subscribers about the latest trends, or running a program for your local volunteer radio station from your living room, you need a microphone that will bring your voice to your listener with clarity and warmth. The PD-70 is built to capture spoken word cleanly and clearly while eliminating mechanical noise and breathiness that can get between you and your audience. With superior off-axis rejection, you can set up your broadcast studio in just about any space— and unwanted reverberance, electrical hum, and the random car driving by will be left behind, leaving only the pristine, natural sound of your voice.


Bullet points:

  • ● Dynamic broadcast microphone
  • ● Cardioid polar pattern
  • ● Great choice for recording vocals for podcasts, radio. and more
  • ● Works with any audio interface with a microphone preamp
  • ● End address
  • ● Exceptional clarity throughout its frequency response range
  • ● Rugged construction
  • ● Top-quality performance specifications
  • ● Integrated hard mount and windscreen
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