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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

In the text below, the user term nominates any person who reaches the Internet site maintained by the Moog
Audio™ store located at moogaudio.com, whether it is for online purchases, for sending emails or any other
use of the Internet site.

  1. The Moog Audio™ store will maintain the confidentiality of all the accumulated personal information of
    its customers and users such as, and not limited to the following, their name, address, telephone
    numbers, date of birth as well as information on their purchases.
  2. The Moog Audio™ store will not sell its list of users nor their information, and will not allow a third party
    to consult it in any way.
  3. The accumulated information could be used to communicate with the users of the site, to offer relevant
    information about the products, services and premiums which meet their needs.

Policy of Confidentiality

Because of the importance of the confidentiality of personal information, the Moog Audio™’s internet site is
governed according to following principles:

The Moog Audio™’s internet site is not a tool for collection personal information (name, addresses, emails or
any other information which can identify a person).

In certain cases, Moog Audio™ can require the user to provide its personal name and other information. The
user can refuse this request; if he accepts, the provided information will be used for following purposes:

  1. To allow Moog Audio™ to ensure the relevance of its Internet site by adapting the contents to the
    personal needs for the user;
  2. To help Moog Audio™ evaluate its Internet site, to improve its contents and its platform and to help
    offer new services.
  3. To help Moog Audio™ to better manage the requests for information the user's needs.
  4. To inform the user of facts and events likely to interest him.

Note that the preserved emails, are kept to contacts and not for spamming.

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