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Delta Cep A, from Radikal Technologies, is a beefy paraphonic synthesizer that serves as a perfect entryway into the world of modular synthesis or as a welcome addition to any extant system.

It is comprisied of several distinct sections: an eight-voice swarm oscillator, noise generator, analog and digital multimode filters, VCA, and comprehensive effects section.

There’s also a modulation section consisting of an LFO, ADSR envelope, and MIDI-to-CV interface. Best of all, Delta Cep A’s integrated interpolator ensures that users can save their ventures and combine presets when needed.

  • Comprehensive synthesizer voice
  • Perfect entryway into modular synthesis
  • Can be used entirely without patch cables
  • Eight-voice swarm oscillator
  • ADSR envelope and LFO
  • Single VCA
  • MIDI-to-CV interface
  • Comprehensive effects section
  • Desktop version

Technical Specifications

  • Eurorack module housed in desktop chassis
  • Depth: 23mm
  • Current Draw: 200mA@+12V; 50mA@-12V

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