J. Rockett Audio Designs APE Analog Preamp Experiment Pedal

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Designed to re-create the analog preamp design found in fabled tape echo machines like the Echoplex, the J. Rockett Audio Designs APE (Analog Preamp Experiment) pedal could be the key to the signature sound you've been searching for. The APE runs at 22.5 volts just like original tape echo preamps, and even influences your tone in the way that magnetic tape heads would. Legendary guitarists like Tommy Bolin, Andy Summers, Jimmy Page, and Brian May all used tape echo preamps to achieve their desired tone. And with the ability to loop in external effects pedals to add harmonic richness and warmth, the J. Rockett Audio Designs APE pedal is an innovative tone solution indeed.

While it emulates the analog preamp of a tape echo unit, the APE pedal isn't a delay effect on its own. What's it there for? The idea is that you connect your favorite digital delay in the APE's send/return loop and set it to a single repeat and 100% wet. Use APE's Repeat, Mix, and Rec controls to dial in the amount of delay you want while controlling the delay time from your delay pedal. It'll inject your digital delays with analog richness, and it may be just what you need to fall in love with your delay pedal all over again.

The switchable loop in the APE offers big creative potential. J. Rockett Audio Designs encourages experimentation, suggesting you loop your boost pedals and overdrives to explore new sonic textures. You can also use the send as a non-bypassable output for use as an always-on boost, perfect for tube amplifiers that respond well to a hot input. Try out all your pedals in the APE's loop — you may be surprised.


  • Re-creates the analog preamp circuitry of classic tape echo effects units
  • Operates at a historically accurate 22.5 volts for high headroom and dynamic response
  • Uses a standard 9-volt pedal power supply (sold separately)
  • Designed to enhance the tone of your other effects pedals connected to the send/return loop
  • Switchable send/return loop can also be used as a boost, just turn up the Rec control
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