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Schaller Security Strap Locks and Buttons 1446

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Schaller Security Strap Locks and Buttons 1446
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Don't let your valuable guitar get damaged from a strap coming off in the middle of practice, a performance, or any other time! Instead, invest in a strap lock, which will make sure this never happens. The lock mechanism attaches to the strap, which allows you to lock to Schaller's special strap button once installed on your guitar.

Schaller Security Lock Strap locks make it easy to put on and remove your strap - simply pull out the button and slide your strap's connection out of the guitar-mounted yokes. Schaller makes premium accessories to give you the best playing experience possible, and Security Lock straplocks are a stellar example!


  • Schaller Security Lock Straplocks
  • Guitar Straplock System

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