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  • MKE 400 Mobile Kit, including: MKE 400 microphone, Sennheiser Smartphone Clamp and Manfrotto PIXI Mini Tripod

Sometimes, good just isn’t good enough. And sometimes, what once seemed too far away suddenly comes within reach. As creatives, we always strive to do our best—constantly pushing and pulling, digging and grinding, never stopping until we’re proud of what we’ve created. But sometimes, the tools we have at our disposal just aren’t going to cut it. And eventually, we need to reach even further if we want to keep creating.


In a world compelled by visual stimulation, it’s easy to forget how important of a role audio plays when it comes to telling a story. By bringing audio into focus, we’re able to hear a side of the story that at first was only seen. And while audio can be a difficult craft to master, capturing sound that brings your content to life may be easier than you once thought. 


Enter the MKE 400, an on-camera shotgun microphone that combines portability and performance and sheds a whole new light on the way we capture audio for our video. Features that were traditionally accessories—like a windscreen and shock-mount—are now fully integrated and perform better than ever, freeing up space in your camera bag and on top of your camera itself. And it doesn’t stop there – a low-cut filter and 3-step gain sensitivity switch help to fine-tune your sound while shooting, and a headphone monitoring output with volume control helps to dial in that sound. Lastly, the MKE 400 features a super-cardioid polar pattern, which rejects unwanted background noise and ensures the cleanest possible recordings for dialogue applications. The MKE 400’s acoustic interference tube isolates sound directly in front of the microphone, providing presence and clarity for your subject in even the noisiest of environments.


In addition to the microphones’ built-in features, a furry windshield is included that is placed over the integrated windscreen for maximum wind protection. Furthermore, included 3.5 mm TRS and TRRS locking coiled cables secure the connection to the microphone and enable you to switch from your camera to your phone with ease.



When it comes to audio, “good enough” just won’t do. You need tools that enhance your content and empower you to engage with your audience. As a creator always on the move, you need tools that can keep up with your pace, not that slow you down. The MKE 400 is the solution you’ve been looking for: a microphone for cameras from the brand that audio professionals trust.

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