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Perfect for creating visuals from airy dream-like swirls like to complex fractal feedback, Hypno from Sleepy Circuits is an all-in-one tool for visual synthesis. Hypno was inspired by analog video synthesis, but condensed down the essential elements into a digital system that provides everything you need in one box. So if you're looking to add a fully-featured, ready-to-go video synth to your desktop or Eurorack setup, Hypno is an excellent choice.

Hypno's primary shape generating tools are the two oscillators that are mirrored on the sides. The patterns can be controlled with the shape, frequency, rotation, and polarization parameters. These can take simple color bars and bend them back on themselves to create complex shapes and patterns. Additionally, the oscillators can be fractalized to create even more intricate shapes with adjustable amount and angle. The gain control sets the overall gain for the oscillators, in the center there is no gain and the output is solid black. Turning the gain to the right or left adds gain and brightens the image.

Turning past the midpoint causes the shapes to begin to feedback on themselves, controlled by one of five feedback modes. The oscillators and feedback path can be cross or self modulated to add additional complexity and interrelated pattern generation between the channels. Control the parameters of Hypno using the CV inputs on the bottom, which accept -5V to +5V inputs. This is different from the LZX video standard of -1V to +1V, which allows Hypno to more easily integrate with audio Eurorack and standalone devices that output CV signals.

In addition to CV signals, Hypno can be controlled via external MIDI devices using the USB port, allowing it to be further integrated with non-modular devices. Hypno can act as a completely standalone video device, or integrate with a larger system to bring complex pattern generation to anyone with any gear.

  • Digital video system

  • Comes in a standalone box

  • Can be removed from housing to add into a Eurorack modular system

  • Two primary shape generating oscillators with control for frequency, shape, rotation, and polarization

  • Feedback path with five modes

  • Cross modulation between channels

  • Hue and saturation control per channel

  • CV control over parameters with -5V to +5V range

  • MIDI input over USB

  • Oscillators can be mirrored and fractalized for even more complex patterns

  • Three preset slots

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