SPL Control One Monitor Controller

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Compact but versatile. Master your monitors with the SPL Control One. This amplifier is a must-have for any recording, mixing, and mastering engineer that's serious about achieving the best sound possible. Ideal for headphones and speakers, with this in your rig, your listening experience will be unparalleled. Every last nuance of your work will be relayed with absolute clarity.

Thanks to it's compact size, and sleek, all-black design. The Control One is able to effortlessly integrate into any set-up with absolutely no hassle. With up to 97dB in gain, the amplifier is incredibly versatile. It is able capable of driving any pair of headphones, even those with high impedances. What's more, the handy A/B switch on the left hand side of the panel allows you to easily flick between speaker set-ups for quick comparisons. The Control One levels the playing field, guaranteeing an optimised listening experience for all.

The inclusion of a handy "Line 1/Line 2" switch situated on the front panel allows you to easily switch between two external channels. Whether you want to connect your amplifier, interface, or even media player. If your device has a line output then it's capable of connecting to the Control One. The amplifier boasts a unique "Crossfeed" control. This allows you to assess and adjust the stereo panorama for your headphones to create consistency when switching between different playback mediums. With the Marc One in your set-up it'll feel like anything is possible.

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