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Bass Heads
TC Electronic BH500 Amplifier
Bass Amp Head
99 0900011


Set, Don't Forget
BH500 can store three of your favorite tones. Kick in the overdriven tones, compressed tones or just a different tone exactly when you need to, or tailer your presets to fit different bass types. Super easy and very handy during gigs!

In Tune with Bassists
All of our bass heads feature a dedicated, on-board bass tuner. Now, getting and staying in tune could not be easier, letting you focus on the all-important thing: Rocking Out!

Shape Your Destiny
BH500 is equipped with a great-sounding 4-band EQ which is perfect for shaping your fundamental tone. On top of that, you also get TubeTone for warmth or drive, SpectraComp for ultra-tight punch and TweeterTone to control the tweeter level right from the front panel.



  • 500 W

  • 4 Ohms

  • 4-band EQ

  • SpectraComp Multi-band Compressor

  • TubeTone

  • 3 Presets

  • 5-string Bass Tuner

  • TweeterTone

  • Contour 1 & 2

  • Aux In

  • Headphone Output

  • DI Out (pre/post EQ)

  • Active/Passive Input

  • Speakon Speaker Out

Technical Specifications

Input Section

Input connector

1/4" jack

Input impedance

1 MOhm / 100 pF

Gain range

-96 to 36dB

Tone control


Center Freq: 100Hz (Gain: +15/-24dB)

Low Mid

Center Freq: 335Hz (Gain: +15/-24dB)

High Mid

Center Freq: 900Hz (Gain: +15/-24dB)


Center Freq: 1600Hz @ Gain: -24 to 0dB; 4000Hz @ Gain 0 to +15dB

Tweeter Tone

0 to 10, L-PAD Cabinet Recreation

Tube Tone

0 to 10, Tube amp Recreation

Spectra Comp

3 band Spectral Compression

User Memories

3 memory locations storing all front panel controls except Mute & Master Level


Bass Tuner, "On" when muted

Tuning range

B0 (30.87Hz) to G4 (392.00Hz)


Mutes speaker out, Phones out and Balanced out

Master Level / Headphones Output

Studio quality headphone amp

HP Out Impedance

40 to 600 Ohm

Mains supply

100 - 120V~ or 220 - 240V~ 50/60Hz (65W @ 1/8 of Max. Output)

Power module rating

500W (1000W inst. Peak @ min. Load) TCE Power rating and Active Power Management

Speaker output

Neutrik Speakon™

Balanced output

Balanced XLR, Pre/Post Pre-amp

Bal. Out Max.


Bal. Out Optimal Load Impedance

600 Ohm

Rehearsal input

RCA, Left/Right input, fits to iPod ®


462 x 135 x 380 mm / 18.7" x 5.4" x 15.0"


13 kg / 29 pounds


Tolex covered. Handcrafted wooden box

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