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TonePrint Enabled 800Watt Head
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BH250 was a true innovation within the world of bass. Bass players were floored by how such great tones could be contained in an enclosure so small and lightweight, that they immediately cried out for more. So that's what we decided to do. With the BH800 you get 800Watts of raw power, and all the punch and creative features your heart could possibly desire without compromising with the super portable and lightweight build that made the original BH250 such an innovative amp. And with the intelligent EQ section and the option of driving several cabs at once, BH800 is the new natural choice for every modern bass player out there!

TonePrint - For a world of signature effects
800 Watt

TonePrint: Creativity At The Core

With the BH800's two TonePrint slots, you become the amp designer! So whether you need a lush chorus and a compressor for that next funk gig, or maybe a monstrous distortion and an octaver for your upcoming show with your metal band, BH800 will have you covered, and then some! TonePrint simply means signature effects, created by some of the world's best bass players, for instance Nathan East, Victor Wooten, Richard Bona and Duff McKagan. And, as if that wasn't enough, they are available for free, straight from your smartphone. Finally an amp that's as versatile as you need it to be!
High-Tech Sledgehammer

Bass is more present than ever in today's music. We've transitioned from supporting members to the guys in the spotlight. Let's face it, we're in demand and we need the tools to deliver - BH800 does just that. With its Lightweight, portable design, Intelligent EQ section, ultra-precise on-board tuner that handles up to six strings and unlimited tonal versatility through TonePrint, BH800 isn't just your run-of-the-mill bass amp… it's what bass amps were intended to be!
Tone Is Where The Heart Is

We don't know what magical schools of Bass-Wizardry our engineers attended, but boy do they know tone! And with the BH800's intelligent EQ section we've once again placed ourselves far ahead of the tone-tailoring-game. Behind the deceptively simple four dial design lies a frequency range perfectly tuned for bass. So no matter if you like your sound nice and scooped, fat and groovy or filled with high-end sparkle the BH800's tone controls will be sure to cut and boost in all the right places, leaving you sounding your best every single time!

  • Light and portable
  • Inspirational - TonePrint® signature bass effects

  • TonePrint Enabled - two switchable TonePrint slots

  • Built-in bass tuner
  • Intelligently contoured tone controls

Technical Specifications

Input connector

  • 1/4" jack

Input impedance

  • 500 kOhm / 100pF

Gain range

  • -96 to 41dB

Tone control: Bass

  • 50 Hz @ Gain -24 to 0 dB; 80 Hz @ Gain 0 to +24 dB

Tone control: Low Mids

  • 200 Hz @ Gain -24 to 0 dB; 160 Hz @ Gain 0 to +24 dB

Tone control: High Mids

  • 630 Hz @ Gain -24 to 0 dB; 800 Hz @ Gain 0 to +24 dB

Tone control: Treble

  • 1800 Hz @ Gain -24 to 0 dB; 4000 Hz @ Gain 0 to +24 dB


  • Bass Tuner, always on

Tuning range

  • B0 (30.87 Hz) to C4 (523.25 Hz)


  • Mutes speaker output, phones output and balanced output

Master level / Headphones output

  • Studio quality headphone amp

Recommended HP impedance

  • 32 to 600 Ohm
Mains supply
  • 100 to 240 V~ 50/60 Hz (200 W @ 1/8 of maximum output)
Power module rating
  • 800 W
Speaker output
  • Neutrik speakOn™
Balanced output
  • Balanced XLR, pre/post preamp
Balanced output maximum
  • +2 dBu
Bal. output optimal load impedance
  • 600 Ohm
Rehearsal input
  • 1/8” jack input, fits to iPod®
  • Maximum 90 % non-condensing
  • 241 x 55 x 279 mm / 11” x 9.5” x 2.2”
  • 3.0 kg / 6.6 pounds
  • Brushed and anodized aluminum front plate, metal chassis

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