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Parallax is a stereo filter designed with a classic sound, a simple friendly interface, lots of modulation options and two flavours of output. Designed to bring your modular system into a stereo world, Parallax is a pair of filters for your left and right signals which are controlled with common stereo controls, as well as controls to skew the cutoff and resonance in the stereo field. Parallax is perfect for making synth patches from stereo sources, or for taking a mono signal and making it stereo.

A stereo signal (or mono to the left input) passes through filters based on the design of the classic Pro-One but with a number of tweaks to update the filter for modern use. in addition to the -24dB/oct outputs there are -12db/oct outputs added for a brighter, smoother sound in addition to the powerful sound four-pole sound you would expect. All outputs are available simultaneously, giving you more patching options.

  • Width: 16 HP 
  • Depth: 25mm
  • Power: 70ma @+12v  / 70ma @-12v 
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