XAOC Devices Moskwa II – compact feature-packed sequencer with preset memory and trigger patterns

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Designed with live performance in mind, Moskwa II takes inspiration from vintage analog sequencers and greatly expands on their functionality surpassing our original Moskwa rotosequencer, while retaining the same size, basic panel structure, and operation principles.

At the core of the module is an 8-step CV sequencer and a parallel 8-step gate/trigger sequencer. But there’s more, much more. Besides these basic functions, Moskwa II offers more unique, advanced features like eight independent programmable gate/trigger pattern generators (one for each step of the sequence). You can treat them like sequencers within the sequencer offering another eight microsteps for each main sequence step. This allows for programming complex gate/trigger rhythmic patterns (e.g. step repeat, additional pauses, microshifting or swing effect).

Moskwa II features two independent randomization sections that give the user advanced control over the optional chaotic/random change of various sequence parameters (e.g. step order, slew and trigger probability and more). A programmable custom trigger sequence can be up to 256 steps long! Topping it all off, Moskwa II can store eight presets to be loaded at any time. All these functions allow Moskwa II to generate sequences much longer and much more complex than those produced by traditional 8-step sequencers.

Compared to the first Moskwa, we’ve also added a transport button for manual starting/stopping of the sequence, range control for CV output, and a flexible quantizer. Two Moskwa II units can be joined for chained operation doubling the number of available steps and preset slots. Ostankino II expander adds CV inputs for many Moskwa II functions, as well as a transpose input, clock out and individual gate/bit outputs for each step.

 8-step sequencer
– individual gate/trig custom pattern available for each sequence step
– 8 preset slots available for saving/loading on the fly
– programmable custom trigger sequence up to 256 steps
– 8 quantization settings
– slew limiter activated per step
– 2 randomization circuits
– per step probability mode for slew, active step & active pattern
– internal clock 12–2400 BPM
– external clock input with clock multiplier/divider
– unipolar & bipolar operation (0-8 V, ±5V)
– chain mode for two Moskwa II units
– Ostankino II expander with additional inputs and outputs
– 20hp, skiff friendly
– current draw: +40mA at +12V, 0mA at -12V

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