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The Amplitude Eleven is a Class A Overdrive Pedal


The Amplitude Eleven is a Class A Overdrive Pedal made by the folks at 6 Degrees FX in Vancouver, British Columbia. With a wealth of acheiveable tones cover blues, rock, jazz, and just about everything in between, you'd be hard pressed to find a better combination of versatility and quality.

The Blue Channel has two gain stages, each specifically voiced for different frequencies and clipping textures. Whether you're after more "Gain" or more "Drive", the Blue Channel will deliver a crunchy, natural tone.

The "Red" channel is has four gain stages and is designed for saturated, high-gain playing. You can set each channel's basic sound up through dedicated Drive and Tone knobs.

You can further countour the Amplitude Eleven's sound with Bass, Treble, and Gain controls in the "Preamp" section. Add in the signature 6 Degrees FX "G.A.S." switch to choose between Germanium, Asymmetrical, and Silicon clipping modes for even more tonal responsiveness. If you're looking for a remarkably versatile overdrive with a plethora of high-quality tones, then the Amplitude Eleven Class A Overdrive is an excellent choice.

Spécifications techniques

-100% hand wired in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. 6 Degrees FX uses only the top notch components such as:
-Custom 6 Degrees FX branded polypropylene capacitors (audio caps)
-1/2 watt carbon composition resistors
-Pro audio grade Hi-Fi op amp
-22 AWG solid core cloth wire
-22 AWG 99.9% oxygen-free copper wire
-Custom full high grade aluminum enclosure
-Rhythm & lead channel with blue and red LED indicator and dedicated foot switch 
-Flexible preamp with active 2-band EQ (Treble & Bass)
-3 clipping modes for advanced voicing options. (G.A.S. switch - Germanium, Asymmetrical, Silicon)
-True point to point  construction
-Space saving top mounted input/output & power jacks
-Slanted design for easier access

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