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A-100 basic system 1


The A-100 Basic System 1 A-100BS1 is a reliable starting point for working with the A-100 but it contains no MIDI interface. You need an external Midi-to-CV/Gate interface or CV/Gate keyboard or sequencer or any other CV/Gate source.

These modules are included in the Basic System 1:

  • 2x Standard VCO A-110
  • 2x ADSR A-140
  • 2 x LFO A-145
  • 1x Ring Modulator A-114
  • 1 x Audio Divider A-115
  • 1 x VC Waveform Processor A-116
  • 1 x Noise/Random A-118
  • 1 x VCF1 A-120 (24dB low pass 1)
  • 1 x XP VCF A-106-6
  • 1 x linear VCA A-130
  • 1 x exponential VCA A-131
  • 1 x linear Mixer A-138a
  • 1 x exponential Mixer A-138b
  • 1 x Dual S&H A-148
  • 1 x Dual VC Switch A-150
  • 1 x Trigger Divider A-160
  • 1 x Trigger Sequencer A-161
  • 1 x Dual Trigger Delay A-162
  • 1 x Dual Slew Limiter A-170
  • 1 x Multiple I A-180
  • 30 patch cables (mixed)

By default the modules of Basic System 1 are mounted into a 6U frame (A-100G6 or A-100P6) with built in power supply and bus boards. But the system is also available built into any other A-100 case. (e.g. A-100BS1 built into A-100LC9 or A-100P9).

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