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Music Hall MMF 1.3

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Spécifications techniques

power supply DC12V,2.0A
universal power supply
consumption 4W
dimensions 17.1(W) x 14.5(D) x 4.2(H) in.
435(W) x 367(D) x 106(H) mm
weight 11lbs. | 5Kg


type 3-speed full manual
motor DC motor
driving method belt drive
turntable platter 296mm dia. aluminum die-cast
speeds 33 1/3, 45, and 78rpm
wow and flutter typical: less than 0.1% WTD at 3KHz RMS(CD-4005)
limit: Less than 0.15% WTD at 3KHz RMS(CD-4005)
S/N ratio more than 62dB (DIN-B) (SS-4242)
speed tolerance 3000Hz +/-1%(CD-4005)


type moving magnetic cartridge
stylus diamond stylus
height of arm lifter 7.5mm (the distance between the record and the stylus when the lifter
lever is pulled up)
channel separation within 2.5 dB at 1KHz (CD-4005)
channel balance within 2.5 dB at 1KHz (CD-4005)
phono output level 1.5~3.6 mV at 1KHz 5cm/sec (CD-4005)
line output 90-216 mV at 1KHz 5cm/sec (CD-4005)
RIAA 20Hz~20KHz: +1/-3 dB


cartridge AT3600L
output voltage 2.5mV +/- 3dB at 1KHz 3.54cm/sec (AT6606A)
channel separation more than 18dB (AT6606A)
channel balance within 2dB at 1KHz (AT6606A)
frequency response 0 +/-3dB at 10KHz (AT6606A)(Value at 10KHz based on value at 1KHz)
tracking force 3.5 ± 0.5 g


type dynamic balanced straight shaped w/soft damping control
effective arm length 221.5mm
overhang 19mm
offset angle 25.61
tracking error angle 3 degree or less
stylus pressure adjustment method rotation movability
arm lifter oil damper type

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